More Swift teasings

It’s been quite a while since I posted a teaser of the login window and people have been asking for updates since then, so here’s a quick post to appease everyone.

We’ve been making progress steadily over the last 6 months. One of the first things we got going was the chat interface: Chat window screenshot It’s minimal, but that’s quite comfortable for us, at the moment. We’ll review that over time, so you may see buttons and icons appearing there in the future.

More recently, we’ve spent quite a while working on the contact list: Contact list screenshot. I was initially reticent to use custom rendering code for Qt’s views but in the end it seems to have turned out alright for us.

So where does that leave us - will it be another 6 months before we blog again? I hope not - Remko and I are working towards an internal 1.0 Release Candidate quite hard now, and it hopefully won’t be a vast amount of time before we post about that. After 1.0RC, we’ll start making the builds gradually less private (to manage the amount of feedback we get) until we work to the big 1.0 release day.