Swift 1.0-beta4 released

Working hard to keep up with the great feedback we’ve been getting on the previous betas, Remko and I are pleased to announce our fourth beta of Swift.

These are the changes since 1.0-beta3: * The chat window shows the total unread message count, not only the selected chat. * Room subjects are now shown on join. * The Find Room window now resizes correctly. * The Windows installer now puts start menu shortcuts in a sensible place on re-install. This will take effect the second time you run an installer with this fix. * Fixed a crash involving disconnects or reconnects. * Various small fixes

Full details at http://swift.im/releases/swift-1.0beta4/

As with the previous betas, please grab the new release and let us know how you get on - what’s good, what’s not so good, and just generally discuss the project in the MUC room - swift@rooms.swift.im